March 20, 2014

Ukraine, Portillo and the new world order.

The powers start new game and the cards are dealt.

Many will ask what is the relationship between conflicts of Ukraine with the confession of Alfonso Portillo, former President of Guatemala, with the new world order that is just beginning.

It is a puzzle, we will try to explain:

As you know, violent protests put paid to the pro - Russian government in Ukraine, which are attributed to the United States and Europe.

This resulted in the reaction of Russia, who quickly retaliated with the invasion and annexation of the province of Crimea by referendum of dubious cleanliness, having been summoned and made ​​in a matter of 2 weeks.

This situation forced negotiations between the U.S. and Russia, to China later incorporated popular ...

Negotiations, not suck for us the finger, mean: CAST.

Ukraine is a country that as a former territory of the Soviet Union , cultural and historical ties , natural resources , strategic location ... means a lot to the "Mother Russia" , who with their annexation to Crimea, have demonstrated reliable , to be " ready for anything " to get it back.

In that sense, the results of those negotiations, little by little, are coming to light:

The announcement of the Free Trade Agreement between Russia, Belarus and Israel.

Which means that from now on, the Palestinians have nothing to look at their former territories, the choice goes to formally join the State of Israel or to go with his motets to Syria, Jordan, Egypt and elsewhere that want to accept as their own.

Israel, it is no longer “security problem “in America, in the Middle East ... Russia has just become guarantor.

Bribery Taiwan to be recognized as "independent country" for Guatemala.

Just yesterday , former President Alfonso Portillo of Guatemala , extradited to the United States , accused of " laundering " has reached a settlement, confessing guilty of accepting $ 2.5 million , from Taiwan to it was recognized as "independent country" and thus establish bilateral relations "between sovereign states "

This confession is not purposely accusations against former President Portillo , covering drug trafficking operations , more than 150 million dollars ... And the arrangement is reduced to insignificance , in passing, throwing mud on the government Taiwan.

This certainly puts into question the "legitimacy” with which Taiwan has achieved recognition as” independent state” or "legal government” for several countries, most notably the Third World, likely corruption.

You'll see in the coming months as China Popular, taking this as an excuse, shall, to the reinstatement of the island of Formosa, its jurisdiction.

Taiwan, forget it, "Dream”, independent State or Government with jurisdiction over mainland China.


The Russian is Russian.

The Chinese, will be China.

! America for Americans!

Do not be surprised, that soon, the United States of America, as “retaliatory action " , proceed to the merger, in one country , the Dominican Republic and Haiti ... " Recover " Cuba and install Governments or Presidents Related to their interests on this side of the hemisphere.

I remind you that Americans, Russians and Chinese, they have long history of beneficial arrangements for all, when their interests are threatened ... Whether to stop the Nazis, Japanese and Iranian....

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