June 7, 2019


The danger of "progressivism" under the aegis of the European Union
"Give me three good reasons:   Why the UK should be part of Europe? "
It is what is attributed to have been said by Queen Elizabeth II of England, according to the royal biographer, Robert Lacey.
Queen Elizabeth II not only has shown her displeasure towards the European Union, she also have dropped pieces of "professional policy", with the "subliminal messages”, that she transmits to all her subjects, as we will narrate them next:
The chosen moment for such an occurrence was during an "official dinner" in which only "friends and family" were invited: The English aristocracy.
And carefully "leaked" to the media, just a day before, the news that the United Kingdom chose to leave the European Union on June 23, 2016.
The English aristocracy, is the ”de facto power " par excellence in England. Members of the royal family, members of the House of Lords and related, are owners of almost all the means of production, media , and occupy strategic spaces within the administration of the State.
The "message" was very clear, and the "subjects" responded, decreeing the exit of the European Union with 52% of the ballot. Paradoxically, a decision endorsed by "the plebs".

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