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June 7, 2019


The danger of "progressivism" under the aegis of the European Union
"Give me three good reasons:   Why the UK should be part of Europe? "
It is what is attributed to have been said by Queen Elizabeth II of England, according to the royal biographer, Robert Lacey.
Queen Elizabeth II not only has shown her displeasure towards the European Union, she also have dropped pieces of "professional policy", with the "subliminal messages”, that she transmits to all her subjects, as we will narrate them next:
The chosen moment for such an occurrence was during an "official dinner" in which only "friends and family" were invited: The English aristocracy.
And carefully "leaked" to the media, just a day before, the news that the United Kingdom chose to leave the European Union on June 23, 2016.
The English aristocracy, is the ”de facto power " par excellence in England. Members of the royal family, members of the House of Lords and related, are owners of almost all the means of production, media , and occupy strategic spaces within the administration of the State.
The "message" was very clear, and the "subjects" responded, decreeing the exit of the European Union with 52% of the ballot. Paradoxically, a decision endorsed by "the plebs".

May 31, 2019


The collapse of Haiti, the displacement of its inhabitants to the Dominican side could result in the balkanization of the Caribbean, hurting all  America
The island of Santo Domingo or Hispaniola, after Cuba, is the largest island in the Caribbean and the most populated, shared by 2 countries of different culture, religion and language, which have fought against each other for the possession of the same. A similar situation, to the one that occurred in the former Yugoslavia.
Haiti, is the first black republic of the world, after defeating the troops of Napoleon Bonaparte. They’re proud of their race and origin.
The Dominicans love and defend their land against all foreign threats. In Hispaniola was the first rebellion of the natives , led by Cacique Enriquillo (1519) , and the first rebellion of Afro-descendant slaves, led by Sebastián Lemba (1532).
They successfully confronted the English expedition (1655) and defeated the French (1808) , to return to the Spanish Empire, after having been ceded by the latter.
They gain independence by dislodging the Spaniards (1822),  to once again throw the Spaniards out of their territory (18 65), and avoid annexation to the United States (1871). Years later, they become the only country in the world , which faces 3 interventions from the United States: 1904, 1916-1924 and 1965.
With Haiti it has always been a constant battle since when they were a French colony. They entered the territory with the genocide of Neiba in 1797 , and "degüello de Moca" in 1805. Defeating its expansionist pretensions in several bloody battles from 1844 to 1855.
In 1994 the fear of Haiti resurfaced with the candidacy of José Francisco Peña Gómez, Dominican son of Haitians, which was confronted by personalities , such as Consuelo Despradel, Leopoldo Espaillat Nanita and Fuerza Nacional Progresista (FNP) led by Marino Vinicio Castillo (Vincho), which has turned "nationalism" as a flag and distinctive sign. With the death of Peña Gómez in 1998, these misgivings were momentarily forgotten.
With the rise of Danilo Medina to the Presidency (2012), the Dominicans "discovered" they have been invaded by their Haitian neighbors, in a gradual and gradual manner, from the moment in which Leonel Fernández (1996) , and Hipólito Mejía (2000) )  were permissive towards these, due to acquired commitments with the international "progressive sectors" to unify the island into a "binational state".
The overflowing immigration of Haitians is promoted insistently by agents paid from abroad, promoting favorable demands before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (CoIDH) . While nationalism is fueled by Leonel Fernandez, dealing with it to try and return to power once more.
Its peak was during the broadcast of judgments 168/13 and 256/14 of the Constitutional Court, which rejects granting nationality to Haitians born in its territory and separates from the Inter-American Court of Human Rights CoIDH . And the enactment of laws favorable to immigrants, especially 169-14.

May 2, 2019

The Dominican interference, in favor of Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton, Margarita Cedeno, Leonel Fernandez. Las Americas 2019 Forum, Santo Domingo.
Hillary Clinton, Margarita Cedeno, Leonel Fernandez. Las Americas 2019 Forum, Santo Domingo.
Finished the science fiction story, baptized "Russian plot", with the report of the Attorney General ... An Unknown fact, by the majority of the citizens of the United States, is the existence, of the "Dominican plot".
"Collusion", that's what happened when the political class and a large part of the government administration of the Dominican Republic made use of all their resources, to influence the Presidential Elections of the United States, November 2016, in favor of Hillary Clinton.
Very especially, in Dominican immigrants, based in the strategic, New York State.
In this "conspiracy", they intervened directly:
Margarita Cedeño de Fernández, Vice President of the Republic. In unpublished fact, in the writings of history, violating diplomatic norms of non-interference in the internal affairs of the countries, she calls, in all media, to vote for the Democratic candidate.
Leonel Fernández Reina. The husband of the first, 3 times President. If his wife reaches these extremes, it certainly was with his consent. This is demonstrated, in a series of essays that appeared in the Dominican press and his website, where it shows its hostility towards Donald Trump
Hipólito Mejía, former President, does the same thing that Vice President Margarita Cedeño, publicly calling his followers in the United States, to vote for the Democratic candidate.
Hipólito Mejía, was President, thanks to secret agreements with Leonel Fernández, to guarantee him "share of power" and return to the Presidency, as happened in 2004.
The Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), of which President Mejía is the leader, with operations centers, and leaders throughout the United States, with political background, and experience in proselytism, mobilized in favor of the Democratic candidate, not only in New York, but also in other States where Dominicans have a presence, such as Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Jersey & Florida.

April 3, 2019

Univision Falls Apart While Telemundo Rises

A reflection of two groupings of hispanics in the USA.
The viewers that follow both platforms are of different social and economic groups, which provides a glimpse regarding the electoral results in Florida.
The USA has two grand old dames in the hispanic network TV market; Univision and Telemundo who both are based in Miami.
Quick fact check;
Univision: Founded in 1955 in San Antonio, Texas, previously called Spanish International Network (SIN), this was then the first TV network in the USA to broadcast in a language other than english.  Texas’s loss was Florida’s gain.
Univision was originally very inclusive regarding all hispanics, they frowned upon regionalisms, implementing a neutrally accented Spanish format that would be accepted by all of the latino market.  This gave way to hispanics from all corners finding themselves under its diversity accepting umbrella.
Key alliances were shrewdly executed with Venevisión (Venezuela) and Televisa (Mexico).
Thereafter being rated fourth after CBS, ABC, et al in the USA.
The collapse of Univision.
As of 2006, a decision was made to focus almost exclusively on the Mexican American Market and Mexican talent.  This naturally led to a purge of other talent that was considered marginal and markets deemed peripheral or inferior.  Those purged were famed Charitin Goico, Carlos Alfredo, Cristina Saralegui, Nancy Alvarez and Don Francisco, all near legends among latino TV audiences. The elimination of this impressive line-up was followed unsurprisingly by a fall in sponsors and sadly mass layoffs.

July 2, 2018

Sports War

Professional sports are the new battleground regarding the simmering culture war in the USA.

 The old establishment is assembling all of it’s available assets to combat POTUS Donald Trump and the new conservative movement he heads and now with what are they proceeding? Why with what else? Professional Sports, friends!!

 First it was the singular and unreal “protest act” carried out by various players at the beginning of the season for the NFL, in September 2017, these defiantly knelt while the National Anthem of the United States was being proudly played and the fans humbly stood in deference to their flag and then in shock observed this bizarre and unnecessary behavior by the players who alleged the official excuse as being the “mistreatment by police of African Americans”. Instead of respecting their fans, who paid good money to see them PLAY, these athletes decided to hijack what many hoped would be a time of unity to then spread their so called leftwing activism.

 This was not the place and time to carry out these actions. These million dollar athletes decided to spit on the symbol of freedom to ironically protest for freedom.

 Why? Because in spite of the fact that their act is covered by freedom of speech laws. Their freedom of expression is not what’s at stake. What is at stake is respect for the paying fans and their values. The players are employees getting paid to play sports, not activists. However we will further cover this below. Roger Goodell, the Commissioner for the NFL, gave cover to the “protests”, by stating that Donald Trump was the one being disrespectful in the face of this behavior by the players.

 POTUS Trump had called out these players. He saw them for what they were, pseudo leftwing agitators. He challenged the owners to put a stop to this. He felt the pulse of public, of that silent moderate majority who stood in opposition to the owners and wanted athletes who played the game and not fake leftwing agitators spoiling the mood. Roger Goodell and his lot were showing that the establishment was providing aid and comfort to this fake “uprising” from over privileged and overpaid players.

 Yet the POTUS was gearing up for the fight and his comments in rallies across the country reflected that. The establishment for it’s part attempting to demonstrate it’s bona fides as members of the neoliberal globalist elite, went ahead and double downed, so in a show of so-called solidarity these protests were then extended to the Women’s Football League and the Women’s NBA, now both genders were in on it (oops, sorry the lefties want a genderless society) both HUMANS were in on it, better (not really)? Later on in October, these protests take place again, this time forcing VP Pence to leave the field, this was a calculated shot across the bow against the recently elected administration, if we recall their was no honeymoon period. Yet VP Pence’s silently graceful and measured noble action continued to set the pace with regards to the government’s response to the fake uprising.

 Patriotic fans everywhere took note concerning what had to be done, ticket sales and attendance began to decrease, impacting them, the owners where it hurt them the most. They the owners began to lose money, initial signs of panic setting in. The hits just kept on coming, so the war was on like Donkey Kong. The bizarre protests continued spreading like a disease with the behavior of Jose Altuve, a baseball player with the Houston Astros, when that team was welcomed to the White House, this happened upon obtaining the title for the World Series in March of this year. Altuve’s face was full of irrational rage and seething bile against the POTUS, why? Who knows, who can read the mind of a man with the face of a maniac? This person was invited to attend a very important event at the White House, celebrating his team’s well earned victory, yet instead displayed disdain and obvious contempt for the host, the POTUS, while trying to send some type of crap message. Very disrespectful and poor show on Altuve’s part, yet the lefties jump up and down applauding like monkeys at the sight of such uncivil behavior, calling it then right and proper. Closing with a bow, there were also the silly doubts expressed by Stephen Curry, of the Golden State Warriors with regards to if he would or would not show up at the White House if his team became champs (they did win).

 This nonsense, which resulted in the rightful withdrawal of any invitation as a result of the statement also coming from King James, that NONE of the teams who were disputing the championship would be present at the reception. The White House swiftly counter attacked and as we said withdrew the offer, which is a great shame in and of itself due to the actions of these immature children in adult form, the fans once again were the ones slapped in the face, since it would’ve been a great honor to share the moment with the nation’s commander in chief, burying their own individual interests and demonstrating that they indeed put unity and the country first, instead they continued to foster division. All of these shenanigans are simply another chapter in the continuous tit for tat between POTUS Trump and the old establishment or the culture war, as we will now continue to explain: Professional Sports is just another business. One thing though is amateur sports and quite another is professional sports. The first is in the hands of the state by way of an Olympic Committee or Sports Council, whichever may be the case, their writ and mandate is to provide recreation and grant incentives towards the playing of sports and related activities. While the second one is in the hands of businessmen, these set up teams, leagues and championships with the purpose of making a profit, nothing wrong with that. This profit seeking in the world of pro sports translates into ticket sales, t-shirts, souvenirs, advertising contracts, franchising, commercials in the stadiums, transmission rights, even the pimping out of the players whom are used for promotional products or causes and then can even be traded for million dollar amounts to other teams.

 Pro-Sports are an industry that generates hundreds of millions of dollars for all involved, jobs direct and indirect. It’s relative importance is not in doubt, it’s portrayed as the source of entertainment for the everyman, who are usually quite patriotic, yet politically moderate with whom the owners are way out of touch. The owners therefore try to gain some legitimacy by jumping on the authoritarian lefts bandwagon, yet by doing so they hurt their relationship with moderate middle america who by and large are their customers. In the case of the USA in order to regulate the operations of these big business enterprises, there have been commissioners established who are mere bureaucrats or managers elected by the owners of the business.

 Each professional player, be they football, basketball, baseball, etc are not considered athletes or sportsmen, they are legally considered to be an EMPLOYEE, a worker. As mere employee’s, they must follow the orders and dictats of their employers, these have set the rules and conditions, which can be many. So the sports professional must follow them with regards to; Advertising, goods and services (the owner of the team gets his cut, of course), medication, food that can or cannot be consumed publicly, broadcasters with whom he can or not appear with and logically what he can or cannot utter at any given time and standards of behavior. We reiterate: A pro-athlete is an EMPLOYEE, merchandise. 

He or she is a managed good, to be disposed of as wished by the owner. So what do you do when your employer asks you to do something? You do it. With regards to the fake uprising, qui bono? The establishment uses the pro-sports for their own ends and if necessary will weaponize it as such if possible. However the majority of the American people are opposed to the elites of the Establishment using their game for their pseudo progressive methods. Some of the protestors indeed do have noble ideals and their is a concern due to some element of police brutality out there, that one would have to be blind to say that they do not take place. However neo-marxist movements like Black Lives Matter are simply pseudo left wing agitators that are all part of the same group that wishes to impose the authoritarian liberal model upon Americans that exists in Venezuela, Cuba and parts of Asia, however noble they may appear these groups longterm goals are the disruption and destruction of the current, heavily under siege classical democratic order. Ironically the owners of the teams allow and in many cases compel their players, once again their employees to proceed with the pseudo uprising to decry the feelings of oppression they claim they experience.

 However this is all an attack on POTUS Trump and the MAGA movement that is developing all over the country. We the writers of this article ask what kind of oppression do million dollar players experience? The fans, the moderate majority can see right through this charade that is brought about by the establishment in the form of the globalist owners and their dupes the players. At the time of this writing POTUS Trump has nullified the uprising and has won this current battle. The owners have been brought to heel and the players neutralized. The CinC Donald Trump is constantly underestimated and despite the fact that there were issues involving freedom of speech and civil rights, the marrow of the matter in this is once again we repeat, a front in the culture wars between out of control progressives and the new conservative movement that is being ushered in by Donald Trump. The fight for now is over, yet the war goes on.

 Author: Fernando Antonio Martinez Arauxo , Manuel Miranda

June 15, 2018

USA Realignment 

 Russia is currently enjoying the effects of an inner realignment and in the process recovering the influence of the former Soviet Union, thereby strengthening the country’s “Nation-Branding” for World Cup 2018. Wikipedia defines Nation Branding as a concept that aims to measure “the application of corporate marketing concepts and techniques to countries, in the interests of enhancing their reputation in international relations.”

 Many nations aim to improve their country's standing, as the image and reputation of a nation can dramatically influence its economic vitality. They seek to attract tourism and investment capital, increase exports, attract a talented and creative workforce, and enhance their cultural and political influence in the world. Different ways that nations project their nation brand include export, foreign direct investment,tourism as well as their NGO’s. The Brand of the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics, (USSR) reached that distinction and distinguished itself as being one of HIGH “quality” or top-shelf value.

This occurred after it’s triumph during World War 2 over Nazi Germany, they then became a global power, earning itself a place at the United Nations Security Council (UN) alongside the other permanent members, France, UK, USA and China. This new status, was then consolidated with important infrastructure works, achieving strategic souverainetéalimentaireto feed it’s massive and growing population, as well as energy independence which allowed it to not have to be dependent on any other country, earning it the admiration of the world.

 All of this made the USSR worthy of being the organizer of the 1980 Moscow Olympics, these were a resounding success, in spite of the boycott of certain invidious and jealous countries. Afterwards the decay and passing of the USSR on December 25, 1991 brought about in tandem the loss of the Nation Branding effort that the Russians enjoyed and their social stability. The Russian Federation, is now the successor state, or the “heir” to the USSR, but it assumed it’s inheritance in calamitous circumstances, these blemished and marred it’s economy, it’s territory and pride.

 Russia then undergoes a long and painful transition burdened with diverse political conflicts, amongst these the attempted coup of 1993, the bloody Chechnya war, these things further cast down Russian prestige, constantly losing influence everywhere in the world. Ever since the aforementioned Olympics until recently, 30 years go by with the Russians seemingly unable to show any achievements to the world. This all appeared to change with the rise of Vladimir Putin in 1999, to the position of Chief Executive of Russia. Putin is able to pacify, stabilize and then relaunch Russia and it’s new Nation Brand. He ends the Chechnya War with victory for Russia. He consolidates territory in the vastness of the country, checking multiple separatist movements. Internal social peace is achieved. Crime is brought under control. The fostering of free enterprise takes place. The restructuring of the Russian Oil and Gas industry, turning Russia once again into a world leader in the field. The implementation of democracy by way of free elections, these are held without traumatic events or delays. At the same time old alliances with former USSR friendly countries are re-established. This prowess has achieved that the Russian Brand would once again be taken seriously for the celebration of the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi 2014, TAKING PLACE 34 YEARS AFTER MOSCOW 1980!!!! The difference was that there were no boycotts, all of this being a success in splendor, organization and security for all the attendees.

 The Russian “Brand” is consolidating itself with WORLD CUP 2018, which appears set to become a resounding success, the stadiums and related infrastructure to the event are ready to go. This has put in evidence that the Russians have recovered their ability in being a World Class Power in the economic and diplomatic sense, able to timely set, stage and execute events of this high level of magnitude and prestige. So Russia is back and it’s about time that the realignment has nearly come full circle at least in our eyes.

 The USA is also in a state of realignment. 9 and half years ago a man named Barak Obama promised Americans Change, a new realignment. He promised to Re-Brand America after the disastrous Bush Dynasty years. Then came another man who didn’t like this kind of change or realignment, this man is called; Donald Trump. Trump decided to smash and demolish the current Nation Branding that the USA had under Obama. Instead of Leading from Behind as some type of anomalous or atypical figure.

 Trump decided to step directly into the lime light, then boisterously and loudly declare that he would MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. This involved turning back the clock to the so-called All-American virtues of Truth, Justice and the American way, so some might say. Traditionalism and once established norms would be focused on again, like Christianity, Family Values, Closed Borders and the scariest one of all; Nationalism were about to make a big comeback. Doing so would collide head on with the Globalist Cabal that viewed Traditional All American Values as aberrant and toxic. The Left that had held sway in an almost unchallenged fashion for so long on both sides of the Atlantic was now to face it’s greatest foe.

 Trump, a White Straight Christian Male, who owed his success to nobody but himself and is beholden to no one. This man who they called undisciplined and bandied about all other types of epithets to morally impeach him, has already built a global real estate empire and reared half a dozen seemingly well adjusted children. He has a stable marriage and all of his former wives speak highly of him (which many a man knows is quite difficult even from one to do), notwithstanding the current spouse who has had to nobly and stoically endure a formidable array of harassments and insults from the so-called “Tolerant Left” and it’s legion of mad cap acolytes, who spare no time in speaking ill of her.

 The now known excesses of the Left and the so-called Liberal, Pseudo Progressive Establishment that it has imposed on it’s own population and pushed on the rest of the world has caused a national reaction which was begging for a realignment with the election of Mr. Trump. Trump is now the Champion of that mass of the population that made known their desire for a realignment at the ballot box just as a sizable portion of Russians clamored for a Putin who has now Made Russia Great Again.

 Trump, was always a political centrist moderate with a slight conservative bent, much like most of the USA population & was horrified at the 8 years of the Uber Leftist Obama regime. Ironically he also was once a registered Democrat and a close friend of the Clintons. They even attended his wedding to the now much suffering Melania. Yet as mentioned, even he, Trump was aghast at the changes taking place in the country of his birth, he like many found the tyranny of the left intolerable.

 Even the now tarnished Actor Comedian Roseanne Barr stated, that the left had gone to far. Due to this there is a true social fermentation that this writer has observed and dares to declare that a revolt against the so-called Liberal Order is now taking place. A Liberal Order that according to Argentine thinker, Nicholas Marquez, has become an Authoritarian Pseudo Progressive framework that reigns in the West, that rages against traditional values, is bent on rendering asunder the foundations of the true heritage of Western Civilization. Whether they be Freedom of Speech and the Traditional Family by way of attacking the so called Patriarchy and promoting the abolishment of Genders, it all has a bullseye on it.

 A violent and dangerous extremism on the Left has arisen, which is just as dangerous as the one on the Right as stated by modern day Philosopher and Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Jordan Peterson and exhibited itself at Stanford University in Berkley California, ironically the birthplace of the modern concept of freedom of speech. Some of the reasons why this revolt is taking place are; The Obama establishment taking political correctness to new levels, where people were even afraid to speak their mind anymore, as witnessed by this writer on many an occasion. Hollywood Hysteria and the rise of a so-called Resistance.

Who can forget the constant assault on the “White Straight Male” that went on unabated until very recently? The balance of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was abolished. Christians and conservatives constantly harassed. Race relations becoming worse and worse, giving rise to Black Lives Matter. Stealth persecution of Christians and their organizations, exemplified by Obama’s “Clutching to Bibles and Guns” comment and the IRS’s actions against them. The increase of the powers of the new un-official inquisitor or the state, The Southern Poverty Law Center, who will label anyone they disagree with as a “Hate” group. The Leaders of the Democratic Party were becoming a class of people above the law, as portrayed when presidential candidate Hilary Clinton was able to maneuver the Department of Justice from indicting her for bribery and conspiracy when it was discovered she improperly handled classified top secret information and large donations made to the Clinton Foundation.

 Huma Abedine and other Clinton aides were granted immunity of all sorts while many of Trumps associates are indicted and harassed. This all displays the rot that took hold of the system during the 8 years of Obama and the urgent need for a realignment to take place. The Nation Branding of the USA indeed took a severe beating during the Obama years in spite of the gloss and shine portrayed by the Fake News Media. Yet Trump is aggressively changing that National Brand of the USA back to what he defines AS GREAT AGAIN. That is his ideology, this is now the BRAND.

 In our following articles we will further analyze how the USA is currently REBRANDING itself in the Era of Trump and how in spite of the constant hysteria the change is a healthy and much needed realignment of the social forces in the country. Fernando Antonio Martinez Arauxo is Professional Court Interpreter in Miami, South Florida and Independent News Analyst. Manuel Miranda was born in Dominican Republic. Lawyer, political scientist, theologian, blogger. With many years of experience, in the administration of justice, and militating in the Dominican political organizations. He has been a student leader, presiding over the Law Students Association; Trade union leader, at the head of the Alguaciles Association. Political and legal analyst, in media such as Radio Merengue 1210 AM, and Tele Nord Canal 10. Currently, he works as a consultant and blogger, of notable influence, resident between Santo Domingo and Venezuela. Author: Fernando Antonio Martinez Arauxo

July 25, 2017


The genius of the United States of America, to "rescue" 

WikiLeaks intelligence and "transparency" organization founded by Julian Assange in December 2006, after the successful "coup" of 2010 in which they obtained and disclosed to the world the secret and confidential archives of the Pentagon relating to the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and those of the State Department concerning their intelligence reports on operations, profiles, businesses and other ills in all countries of the world, where the United States of America has a direct, indirect or circumstantial impact .... Suddenly, these "files" stopped being revealed or made known.


 In 2010, after these leaks. Immediately the United States of America moved all its tentacles and resources to punish those responsible, and then "stop" that matter.

 From that onslaught ...

 - Cut or diminished all information.
- Cut or reduce any source of funding.
- Detected, imprisoned or exiled the "filterers": Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden.
- They cornered Julian Assange by making criminal records and extradition requests that forced him to go into exile at the Embassy of Ecuador in London England.


 Before the measures taken by the United States of America ... Julian Assange was forced to "suspend" the issuance of all these "leaks" on the official WikiLeaks website, not having enough economic and human resources for such a titanic work. These are more than 250,000 "cables" and barely two thousand have been uncovered.

 When they were "tied hand and foot," they unexpectedly began to tempt him with various, varied, and multiple offers to yield, sell, or "share" such valuable information to an "independent media troika" led by The New York Times, German Der Spiegel, Britain's The Guardian, Frenchman Le Monde and El Pais, from Spain.

 Already in December of that same year 2010, these media had "the world's first" to give "continuity" to the revelation of such delicate, sensitive and historical information .... Beginning with "dripping" to make known some and "strangely" keep others in the darkness. Finally: These "cables" were transferred "exclusively" to several "independent" media in all parts of the world ... Those who acquired "local representation" of all those documents that concern their respective countries.

 In the case of the Dominican Republic, this "franchise" was in charge of two "independent" media, which "coincidentally" have very strong links with the United States Embassy. At the outset, he revealed some "cables" of particular interest, to BURN or VALUE certain situations or characters, while "reserved" the emission of PROFILES of various personalities and FACTS of the national task. After 2 months ...! PUBLICATIONS WERE OVER!

 Today you have stopped "enjoying" the publication of those "cables" in ALL THE MEDIA that acquired the "scoop" of the emission of them. It is still unknown, the content of the remaining 240,000 CABLES, from the State Department.


 They were simply acquired by "independent" media related to the United States of America, through Wall Street or the International Agency for Development (USAID) ... They filtered those THAT CONVENIENT ... And they saved the rest. We stayed, without almost all the answers. Solved case.