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June 22, 2019


The Peace that Colombia deserves has many powerful enemies, as we pointed out in the previous topic. The main one of them, the United States, who would have no justification, to maintain presence and influence, in South America.
In case there is Paz...
Politics "good neighbor", through the Agency for International Development (USAID), should be withdrawn from all agreements "collaboration" so that Colombia "regain control of the state in conflict zones".
The United States , through that agency, exerts great influence , in all governmental bodies and "factical powers", through "civil society", and innumerable "development agreements" , especially in vulnerable areas . . ( See )
The policy of "war on drugs", through, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), would terminate the "excellent working relationship with the police and prosecutors ... in gathering information, evidence and assistance " (See )
Because it is the "world's leading power of the drug ". DEA for such a great "collaboration" must necessarily have thousands of agents, investigators, intelligence analysts, and informants in Colombia.
The "fight against terrorism", through the other "classic power estates" such as the National Security Agency (NSA), Department of Defense (PENTAGONO ) , must necessarily conclude .

June 7, 2019


The danger of "progressivism" under the aegis of the European Union
"Give me three good reasons:   Why the UK should be part of Europe? "
It is what is attributed to have been said by Queen Elizabeth II of England, according to the royal biographer, Robert Lacey.
Queen Elizabeth II not only has shown her displeasure towards the European Union, she also have dropped pieces of "professional policy", with the "subliminal messages”, that she transmits to all her subjects, as we will narrate them next:
The chosen moment for such an occurrence was during an "official dinner" in which only "friends and family" were invited: The English aristocracy.
And carefully "leaked" to the media, just a day before, the news that the United Kingdom chose to leave the European Union on June 23, 2016.
The English aristocracy, is the ”de facto power " par excellence in England. Members of the royal family, members of the House of Lords and related, are owners of almost all the means of production, media , and occupy strategic spaces within the administration of the State.
The "message" was very clear, and the "subjects" responded, decreeing the exit of the European Union with 52% of the ballot. Paradoxically, a decision endorsed by "the plebs".

May 2, 2019

The Dominican interference, in favor of Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton, Margarita Cedeno, Leonel Fernandez. Las Americas 2019 Forum, Santo Domingo.
Hillary Clinton, Margarita Cedeno, Leonel Fernandez. Las Americas 2019 Forum, Santo Domingo.
Finished the science fiction story, baptized "Russian plot", with the report of the Attorney General ... An Unknown fact, by the majority of the citizens of the United States, is the existence, of the "Dominican plot".
"Collusion", that's what happened when the political class and a large part of the government administration of the Dominican Republic made use of all their resources, to influence the Presidential Elections of the United States, November 2016, in favor of Hillary Clinton.
Very especially, in Dominican immigrants, based in the strategic, New York State.
In this "conspiracy", they intervened directly:
Margarita Cedeño de Fernández, Vice President of the Republic. In unpublished fact, in the writings of history, violating diplomatic norms of non-interference in the internal affairs of the countries, she calls, in all media, to vote for the Democratic candidate.
Leonel Fernández Reina. The husband of the first, 3 times President. If his wife reaches these extremes, it certainly was with his consent. This is demonstrated, in a series of essays that appeared in the Dominican press and his website, where it shows its hostility towards Donald Trump
Hipólito Mejía, former President, does the same thing that Vice President Margarita Cedeño, publicly calling his followers in the United States, to vote for the Democratic candidate.
Hipólito Mejía, was President, thanks to secret agreements with Leonel Fernández, to guarantee him "share of power" and return to the Presidency, as happened in 2004.
The Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), of which President Mejía is the leader, with operations centers, and leaders throughout the United States, with political background, and experience in proselytism, mobilized in favor of the Democratic candidate, not only in New York, but also in other States where Dominicans have a presence, such as Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Jersey & Florida.

April 29, 2019

The Venezuelan "caucus"

Rick Scott, Senator-elect of Florida. Carlos Vecchio, Venezuelan opposition leader. Political activity, elections November 2018.

Since 1878, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has been an oil producer. Between 1929 and 1950, it was the largest exporter in the world market. In 1960 the Republic promoted the Organization of Petroleum Producing Countries (OPEC), to maintain its leadership in the sector and protect its interests.

 The Venezuelan oil industry has generated billions of dollars, which boosted the country's urban development during the administrations General Marcos Pérez Jiménez (1952-1958), Carlos Andrés Pérez (1974-1979), Rafael Caldera (1969- 1974, 1994-1999).

 However, much of these riches were squandered on corruption, with the abuses of transnational oil companies, clandestine extraction of fuels, concessions for bribery, and entrenched mafias with the euphemism of meritocracy, in Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA).

 This brought the emergence of a minor, but powerful oligarchy, together with prosperous indviduals of the middle class, composed of professionals, technicians and skilled workers, who lend their knowledge to the oil industry. As well as, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian immigrants, who took advantage of the oil boom of the "Saudi Venezuela", installing small and large industries, stores, etc. Classes that imposed their own rules of the game, to the detriment of the immense majority of the poor. This oligarchy, together with this middle class, has nothing to envy to its peers, the great industrialized countries, for its high level of education and purchasing power.

This class, treat their illnesses, vacation, and do university studies in the United States, being Florida its favorite place, for the climate and proximity. However, from 1999, with the rise of Hugo Chávez Frías to the Presidency, with his discourse of redemption, in favor of impoverished majorities, causes that those sectors opted to permanently reside in the United States. It transformed into a Massive process as of 2003, as a result of the dismissal of the leadership and workers of PDVSA, following the coup attempt and the 2002 oil strike, to force the fall of President Chávez.


April 3, 2019

Univision Falls Apart While Telemundo Rises

A reflection of two groupings of hispanics in the USA.
The viewers that follow both platforms are of different social and economic groups, which provides a glimpse regarding the electoral results in Florida.
The USA has two grand old dames in the hispanic network TV market; Univision and Telemundo who both are based in Miami.
Quick fact check;
Univision: Founded in 1955 in San Antonio, Texas, previously called Spanish International Network (SIN), this was then the first TV network in the USA to broadcast in a language other than english.  Texas’s loss was Florida’s gain.
Univision was originally very inclusive regarding all hispanics, they frowned upon regionalisms, implementing a neutrally accented Spanish format that would be accepted by all of the latino market.  This gave way to hispanics from all corners finding themselves under its diversity accepting umbrella.
Key alliances were shrewdly executed with Venevisión (Venezuela) and Televisa (Mexico).
Thereafter being rated fourth after CBS, ABC, et al in the USA.
The collapse of Univision.
As of 2006, a decision was made to focus almost exclusively on the Mexican American Market and Mexican talent.  This naturally led to a purge of other talent that was considered marginal and markets deemed peripheral or inferior.  Those purged were famed Charitin Goico, Carlos Alfredo, Cristina Saralegui, Nancy Alvarez and Don Francisco, all near legends among latino TV audiences. The elimination of this impressive line-up was followed unsurprisingly by a fall in sponsors and sadly mass layoffs.

August 29, 2018

The Great Gentrification

A ferocious onslaught against the poor, be they African American, Hispanics (recent immigrants or otherwise), low income whites and the whole rainbow gamut of other minorities.  A serious attack is taking place against them due to the white hot frenzied real estate market. 
This is occurring in mostly coastal cities, where home prices are experiencing radical increases.
This is forcing the aforementioned groups in general to flee the large cities, the long forgotten inner city of the great metropolises in particular, where if you were poor and tough you could find refuge and live a hard scrabble life.  These areas are now highly coveted as trendy by middle class youth tired of the safe suburban life that their parents strived to give them.
However while they are leaving the suburbs and attempting to be “gangsta" and live in the city, they have brought the suburbs with them.
These middle to higher income (we will not use the word, “class”) individuals will not tolerate a true urban setting with the sights, sounds and smells of “da life”.
Cities are being converted into one big Ikea in some instances, where the new urban chic can work and play.  All the while poorer longer term residents are being shown the door.
Crane after crane rise like giants and leave shiny new magical looking quasi-skyscrapers in their wake.  If your lucky and you actually owned real estate in the area some of that magic might ‘ve found it’s way into your bank account. If not you may sadly want to google the location of your nearest homeless shelter or pack up your things and move far away.
This Great Gentrification is done under duress, high price and fee hikes, rezoning techniques on the part of lobbyists and developers against the current tenants that are by and large minorities in the lower income zones of Miami aims to dislodge anyone who plans to resist the gentrification.  We found inspiration of what is occurring in Kevin Baker’s article in Harpers Bazar on what is also taking place in Manhattan.
The Great Gentrification of Manhattan began timidly in the early to mid 1990’s gaining strength after the turn of the century.
The one in Downtown Miami began in deadly earnest and at a dizzying pace just shy of 10 years ago, circa 2007

July 2, 2018

Sports War

Professional sports are the new battleground regarding the simmering culture war in the USA.

 The old establishment is assembling all of it’s available assets to combat POTUS Donald Trump and the new conservative movement he heads and now with what are they proceeding? Why with what else? Professional Sports, friends!!

 First it was the singular and unreal “protest act” carried out by various players at the beginning of the season for the NFL, in September 2017, these defiantly knelt while the National Anthem of the United States was being proudly played and the fans humbly stood in deference to their flag and then in shock observed this bizarre and unnecessary behavior by the players who alleged the official excuse as being the “mistreatment by police of African Americans”. Instead of respecting their fans, who paid good money to see them PLAY, these athletes decided to hijack what many hoped would be a time of unity to then spread their so called leftwing activism.

 This was not the place and time to carry out these actions. These million dollar athletes decided to spit on the symbol of freedom to ironically protest for freedom.

 Why? Because in spite of the fact that their act is covered by freedom of speech laws. Their freedom of expression is not what’s at stake. What is at stake is respect for the paying fans and their values. The players are employees getting paid to play sports, not activists. However we will further cover this below. Roger Goodell, the Commissioner for the NFL, gave cover to the “protests”, by stating that Donald Trump was the one being disrespectful in the face of this behavior by the players.

 POTUS Trump had called out these players. He saw them for what they were, pseudo leftwing agitators. He challenged the owners to put a stop to this. He felt the pulse of public, of that silent moderate majority who stood in opposition to the owners and wanted athletes who played the game and not fake leftwing agitators spoiling the mood. Roger Goodell and his lot were showing that the establishment was providing aid and comfort to this fake “uprising” from over privileged and overpaid players.

 Yet the POTUS was gearing up for the fight and his comments in rallies across the country reflected that. The establishment for it’s part attempting to demonstrate it’s bona fides as members of the neoliberal globalist elite, went ahead and double downed, so in a show of so-called solidarity these protests were then extended to the Women’s Football League and the Women’s NBA, now both genders were in on it (oops, sorry the lefties want a genderless society) both HUMANS were in on it, better (not really)? Later on in October, these protests take place again, this time forcing VP Pence to leave the field, this was a calculated shot across the bow against the recently elected administration, if we recall their was no honeymoon period. Yet VP Pence’s silently graceful and measured noble action continued to set the pace with regards to the government’s response to the fake uprising.

 Patriotic fans everywhere took note concerning what had to be done, ticket sales and attendance began to decrease, impacting them, the owners where it hurt them the most. They the owners began to lose money, initial signs of panic setting in. The hits just kept on coming, so the war was on like Donkey Kong. The bizarre protests continued spreading like a disease with the behavior of Jose Altuve, a baseball player with the Houston Astros, when that team was welcomed to the White House, this happened upon obtaining the title for the World Series in March of this year. Altuve’s face was full of irrational rage and seething bile against the POTUS, why? Who knows, who can read the mind of a man with the face of a maniac? This person was invited to attend a very important event at the White House, celebrating his team’s well earned victory, yet instead displayed disdain and obvious contempt for the host, the POTUS, while trying to send some type of crap message. Very disrespectful and poor show on Altuve’s part, yet the lefties jump up and down applauding like monkeys at the sight of such uncivil behavior, calling it then right and proper. Closing with a bow, there were also the silly doubts expressed by Stephen Curry, of the Golden State Warriors with regards to if he would or would not show up at the White House if his team became champs (they did win).

 This nonsense, which resulted in the rightful withdrawal of any invitation as a result of the statement also coming from King James, that NONE of the teams who were disputing the championship would be present at the reception. The White House swiftly counter attacked and as we said withdrew the offer, which is a great shame in and of itself due to the actions of these immature children in adult form, the fans once again were the ones slapped in the face, since it would’ve been a great honor to share the moment with the nation’s commander in chief, burying their own individual interests and demonstrating that they indeed put unity and the country first, instead they continued to foster division. All of these shenanigans are simply another chapter in the continuous tit for tat between POTUS Trump and the old establishment or the culture war, as we will now continue to explain: Professional Sports is just another business. One thing though is amateur sports and quite another is professional sports. The first is in the hands of the state by way of an Olympic Committee or Sports Council, whichever may be the case, their writ and mandate is to provide recreation and grant incentives towards the playing of sports and related activities. While the second one is in the hands of businessmen, these set up teams, leagues and championships with the purpose of making a profit, nothing wrong with that. This profit seeking in the world of pro sports translates into ticket sales, t-shirts, souvenirs, advertising contracts, franchising, commercials in the stadiums, transmission rights, even the pimping out of the players whom are used for promotional products or causes and then can even be traded for million dollar amounts to other teams.

 Pro-Sports are an industry that generates hundreds of millions of dollars for all involved, jobs direct and indirect. It’s relative importance is not in doubt, it’s portrayed as the source of entertainment for the everyman, who are usually quite patriotic, yet politically moderate with whom the owners are way out of touch. The owners therefore try to gain some legitimacy by jumping on the authoritarian lefts bandwagon, yet by doing so they hurt their relationship with moderate middle america who by and large are their customers. In the case of the USA in order to regulate the operations of these big business enterprises, there have been commissioners established who are mere bureaucrats or managers elected by the owners of the business.

 Each professional player, be they football, basketball, baseball, etc are not considered athletes or sportsmen, they are legally considered to be an EMPLOYEE, a worker. As mere employee’s, they must follow the orders and dictats of their employers, these have set the rules and conditions, which can be many. So the sports professional must follow them with regards to; Advertising, goods and services (the owner of the team gets his cut, of course), medication, food that can or cannot be consumed publicly, broadcasters with whom he can or not appear with and logically what he can or cannot utter at any given time and standards of behavior. We reiterate: A pro-athlete is an EMPLOYEE, merchandise. 

He or she is a managed good, to be disposed of as wished by the owner. So what do you do when your employer asks you to do something? You do it. With regards to the fake uprising, qui bono? The establishment uses the pro-sports for their own ends and if necessary will weaponize it as such if possible. However the majority of the American people are opposed to the elites of the Establishment using their game for their pseudo progressive methods. Some of the protestors indeed do have noble ideals and their is a concern due to some element of police brutality out there, that one would have to be blind to say that they do not take place. However neo-marxist movements like Black Lives Matter are simply pseudo left wing agitators that are all part of the same group that wishes to impose the authoritarian liberal model upon Americans that exists in Venezuela, Cuba and parts of Asia, however noble they may appear these groups longterm goals are the disruption and destruction of the current, heavily under siege classical democratic order. Ironically the owners of the teams allow and in many cases compel their players, once again their employees to proceed with the pseudo uprising to decry the feelings of oppression they claim they experience.

 However this is all an attack on POTUS Trump and the MAGA movement that is developing all over the country. We the writers of this article ask what kind of oppression do million dollar players experience? The fans, the moderate majority can see right through this charade that is brought about by the establishment in the form of the globalist owners and their dupes the players. At the time of this writing POTUS Trump has nullified the uprising and has won this current battle. The owners have been brought to heel and the players neutralized. The CinC Donald Trump is constantly underestimated and despite the fact that there were issues involving freedom of speech and civil rights, the marrow of the matter in this is once again we repeat, a front in the culture wars between out of control progressives and the new conservative movement that is being ushered in by Donald Trump. The fight for now is over, yet the war goes on.

 Author: Fernando Antonio Martinez Arauxo , Manuel Miranda

November 2, 2010

COBERTURA: Elecciones Estados Unidos 2010.

Hasta ahora el pronóstico es que le darán pau pau a Obama y a los demócratas... Todavía no se ven los frutos de su gestión y no pueden usar los recursos del Estado para imponerse, tal como acontece en la mayoría de los paises sub desarrollados.

August 2, 2010

May 27, 2010

Expertos petroleros de EE.UU. viajan a Cuba

Con la excusa del derrame petrolero en el golfo de México... EE.UU. y Cuba buscan acercamientos, los cuales dejarán muy jugosos dividendos a los 2 bandos si se concretizan las explotaciones petroleras en Cuba... Por cierto, y Chávez???

April 26, 2010

Piden a Obama que combata ley de inmigración en Arizona

A la verdad que estos republicanos si son disparatosos... "Criminalizar" la inmigración ilegal como si estas personas fueran a robar, matar, estafar y vender drogas... El 80 % son personas trabajadoras que buscan mejores niveles de vida que se les niega su propio lar nativo... No es que los premien, sino que se les deporte de regreso.

April 22, 2010

La transmutación de McCain

Mientras Obama echa pulseadas en contra de la ultra derecha republicana y neoliberal... Su ex rival McCain, se ha visto obligado asumir posturas ultra conservadoras para permanecer en el Senado.

Se cumplen 10 años del operativo de Elián González

A este acontecimiento me referí como EJEMPLO de lo que NO DEBE HACER VENEZUELA en cuanto a las "guerrillas comunicacionales"

April 18, 2010

Obama promete reformar Wall Street, iniciará gira para "vender" la reforma financiera

Luego del triunfo sobre la "cuadra ruda" republicana en cuento a la reforma educativa y de salud, ahora le llega el turno a Wall Street, sede por excelencia de los ultra capitalistas neoliberales... Yo fuera Obama y aumentaría mi seguridad personal...

April 8, 2010

Obama y Medvédev firmaron un “histórico” tratado de desarme nuclear en Praga

Es lo correcto, felicidades... La energía nuclear para fines pacíficos es lo mejor del mundo, porque es altamente "rendible" (un portaviones que funcione con ella, puede durar 25 años en altamar dando vueltas), igual para la medicina y ciertos tratamientos en base a uranio.

March 6, 2010

Estados Unidos reconoce su responsabilidad en el narcotráfico como "país consumidor"

Hasta que por fín aceptan PARTE DE LA RESPONSABILIDAD... Solo falta que admitan que no han atrapado al primer capo gringo y que no han hecho nada de nada para evitar que en sus propias costas, calles, aeropuertos, puertos, etc. circule la droga.